Who Are We?

Our team has been working since 2012 in creating the best apps to create and share educational content in the App Store. Since then, we have worked with Schools, Districts, Universities and Content Production Companies by enabling them to produce interactive lessons by enlivening static documents with voice and hand notations.

In 2014, we decided to incorporate all the feedback we received from teachers at every level to create “School 4 One”.

"School 4 One is the ultimate 'one-stop shop' for the iPad classroom. It allows easy document transfer, voice over grading and user friendly teacher and student dashboards. I believe it is the only product on the market to assess and track student progress towards mastery of the Common Core State Standards."

− Dr. Michael Nagler, Superintendent Mineola School District

"School 4 One is an incredible app to use for any academic discipline. It is going to revolutionize our classrooms and how we assess students."

− Andrew Casale, Instructional Leader for Math & Science at Mineola Middle School