How we work with Schools

  • Do you have iPads or are planning to deploy iPads in your School?
  • Is tracking student progress on standards an objective?
  • Does your School value the construction of a digital portfolio for students?
  • Is organizing your curriculum by standards a challenge?

We can help.

We believe that technology can have a big impact in your school as long as it aligns to the educational objectives of teachers and administrators.

How do you achieve that? The key is to provide teachers with a coherent digital curriculum, aligned to standards, and ready to use.

Then, train teachers on the educational practices to use that curriculum effectively.

Finally, use the data generated to improve instruction. Easy, right? School 4 One provides the technology to do all that, and our team will guide your school every step of the way.


Really simple:

  • Site license (one building, up to 50 teachers): $10.900 / year
  • Onsite session of PD: $1.500.
  • Upload and organize digital resources: $500 per grade subject.

Schedule a 15 minute Demo

with a member of our team and we’ll show you how great School 4 One can be for your School.

… or contact us and we’ll reach out to you.