School 4 One new amazing version (1.4.6): mark as absent, multiple choice, orchestrate task and more.

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Mark as Absent

Mark as Absent is a new feature in the teacher gradebook. Find the student that is absent and the assignment that they missed, select the box and choose Mark as Absent. This will then add a – mark to the assignment box of the absent student. The – mark can be viewed by the teacher and the student.


Orchestrate Task

From the teacher side of School 4 One, choose an assignment from a lesson that you would like you students to work on. Select the Export icon, blue square with arrow, then choose Orchestrate Task. Students that are logged in to School4One will have the assignment opened for them automatically. This is a great time-saver in the classroom!

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Assessments can be created from an existing Google Doc or Dropbox file. You can also create an assignment from scratch, great for exit tickets on the fly! Above you will see a multiple choice question created from scratch. Once the question is created, the teacher can then enter the correct answer choices. Students can answer the multiple choice questions by selecting the letters. Teachers will need to go to the gradebook, select the check, then choose Grade All. This will automatically grade the assignment. Students and teachers can view the answer choices through the gradebook by selecting the assignment and choosing the blue grade pop-up button.



Using the S4O Extension through other Apps

You can now use the S4O extension to add content links, PDF’s, and photos to an existing lesson. For example, in Safari select the export button in the top right and find the S4O extension. You will be prompted to type a message for the assignment, choose the class and the lesson you would like the content to be added to. Once complete, select the upload option in the irght hand corner, and the content will be automatically uploaded to the lesson.



Using the S4O Extension to submit student work


Students can upload any PDF or photo to an S4O assignment. For example, the student above has saved a photo to the Camera roll. The student can choose the export button and select S4O as the extension. They will then be asked to select the class, lesson, and the assessment they would like to upload the photo or PDF to.

Student View:



Teacher View:

From the Gradebook, the teacher can view the file uploaded by the student and provide feedback.


You now receive Notifications in S4O. These notifications inform the teacher of when an assignment has been submitted but they also allow the Gradebook to be updated automatically.
The notifications can be overwhelming, however, you do not want to completely turn them off because that will prevent the gradebook from being automatically updated. You can prevent the notifications from constantly appearing on your screen. In your iPad settings, select Notifications, find S4O, and under ALERT STYLE WHEN UNLOCKED choose NONE.