Track Common Core Standards using iPads

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Dr. Michael Nagler, Superintendent of the Mineola Unified School District, spoke at the Long Island Technology Summit on October 20, 2014 about using┬ádigital portfolios to track Common Core Standards by student. His presentation outlined the district’s journey to implement the Common Core Standards and how iPads have become an essential tool for the district in this process.

His presentation outlines his progression from adopting a Standards-based report card to actually assessing and keeping track of student progress by Common Core Standard on a daily basis.

“When I started teaching 25 years ago we spoke about portfolio assessments. Back then, we weren’t obsessed with summative standardized exams at the end of every year. We still gave them, but we were not obsessed with them. On the other hand, portfolio assessments were a real pain in the neck. Today with the technology advancements implementing formative assessment it’s much easier and can be accomplished with 1:1 or shared devices initiatives. In my opinion, we need to use technology to start getting back to what we know is the right thing to do for kids. Which is basically to look into their own work and be able to tell children and parents whether they are growing or not in their content area.”

Their journey as a district started when Dr. Nagler and his team decided to implement a standards-based report card. “We thought it was the right thing to do. We are embracing the Common Core Standards because is the best way to show kids and parents what we are doing.” But problems started when teachers started filling them out. “If you think about it, we don’t collect data like that. Most school districts have a grade book with numbers in it. And when you sit down to fill down a standards-based report card, the numbers don’t help you.” To track common core standards requires a district to add a new dimension to formative assessments. This is impossible to implement without technology. “We knew right away that when we went down this road with standard-based report cards, that we needed to give teachers tools to help them figure it out.”

The following is the video of Mr. Nagler’s presentation. Here he explains how with the help of iPads and School 4 One, they have been able to implement a process to track Common Core Standards using iPads.

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